Today is a circle-the-calendar day, one of those days where you put multiple stars across the top of your journal entry.

I can safely say that today is one of the biggest days of my writing life. It’s the book birthday of A WHOLE NEW BALLGAME. But it’s much more than just a book birthday. It’s a series birthday.  It’s the start of the RIP AND RED middle grade series.

Final Updated Front Cover

At this point, the small-business-owner part of my author existence comes out. Please consider buying the book either from a local bookstore or by clicking on this BUY THE BOOK link.

In addition, please let others know about the book. Tell friends. Use social media. Blog about it. Write (glowing) online reviews. Or share this awesome book trailer created by a group of fourth graders from Texas:

Thanks is advance for all the support. Boo-yah!