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I’ve been shooting a bunch of new vids for the site, including this one of a basketball trick I learned way back in, well… watch the clip:


Here’s that other great book trailer for my new picture book, “The Soccer Fence.”

Now on to some other items!

Way back in 1995, when I was still teaching middle school in the New York City public schools in the Tremont section of the Bronx, the Fugees and Blues Traveler visited my classroom! When you have about 10 minutes, check out this news feature fron CBS. Pretty cool!


Now check out this pic I found. This is me in nursery school! Rockin’ the red kicks!

So in 2011, along with about 35 author and illustrator friends, I helped put together a video for the anti-bullying, “It Gets Better Project.” If you have a few minutes, please give it a look and help us spread the word.  Our goal is to have teachers, librarians, educators and schools share this video with EVERYONE.


What else?

My previous picture book,  “THE UNFORGETTABLE SEASON,” got some serious love!   The book earned great reviews, including THREE STARRED ones from Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and School Library Journal.  This was my first non-fiction book, the story of the epic 1941 baseball season.

And check out this FANTASTIC book teaser created by a group of way cool fifth graders from Canyon Creek Elementary in Round Rock, Texas:


Finally, all six books in my Sluggers series are out. They’re all available as ebooks, So if you want to read them on a Kindle, Nook or iPad, you most certainly can!

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